Smart & digital recovery for utility companies and their customers

Utilities need to take the digital leap in order to meet the expectations of newer generation of consumers, who have higher expectations and want a more personalized, secure, and digital experience. Faced with this situation, it is now essential for utilities to innovate by adopting new technologies and new processes.


leveraging technology not only modernizes processes and tactics, but also improves communication with customers and offers the convenience they need to make their repayment process more autonomous.


Lexop helps you reach your customers through preferred digital channels, deliver personalized messages, and deliver a simple, intuitive and 100% mobile payment experience.

Benefits to your company

Real-time, digital and trackable customer outreach

Higher payment recovery and customer retention at lower operational costs

Enhanced business intelligence through behavioral data and analytics

Benefits to your customers

Mobile-friendly and personalized communication adapted to today's modern habits

Self-serve payment portal accessible 24/7 with no login required

Flexible payment options and automated payment agreements