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We make it easy to move from paper to electronic delivery of notices

Real-time tracking
Once you click send, visualize the status of your emails in real-time (delivered, opened, downloaded, etc.).
Email editor
Reach multiple tenants in one single operation. Our editor personalizes each message to its respective addressee.
Proof of service
As soon as your email is successfully transmitted, Lexop generates a court-admissible Proof Report.
Obtain the consent of your tenants to any request, demand, or contract. A simple click is as valid as a traditional ink signature.


Lexop’s centralized billing makes it easy for you to assign fees to properties

Pay per use



Per recipient of a certified email (notice)

   Unlimited consents
   No set up or hidden monthly fees
   Unlimited users
   Real-time in-app chat support


1 credit = 1 recipient

5 credits: $32.50

50 credits: $275.00

500 credits: $2,250.00


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“Lexop is easy to use, practical, fast, reliable, cheaper than registered mail and certainly bailiff. I have been waiting for a service like that for years! Thank you for making it accessible.”

Sophie BoutinPJL Management