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Lexop vs. Process Server

Lexop is the smarter digital alternative to traditional process serving.
Here’s why you should consider switching…



  Legally valid across North America*

  Fixed cost of $7.50

  Instant delivery

  Real-time tracking of emails

  Intuitive and efficient web solution

  Accessible from anywhere


Process server


  Legally valid across North America*

  Avg. cost between $45 and $125

  Delivery time is variable

  Limited tracking

  Complex human-intensive process


* : Demand letters and formal notices (non-court documents) can be served via email as long as there’s a reliable proof of receipt. For court documents, almost all States and Provinces in North America allow for email service amongst counsel if proof of service is provided (and sometimes prior consent must be obtained). Please note that certain papers such as the initiating proceedings still needs to be served by hand. We strongly recommend that you verify the rules of civil procedures applicable in your jurisdiction before using Lexop. Where email service is allowed, Lexop is the ideal solution.

How it works?

Lexop’s Certified Email technology provides irrefutable legal proof of delivery, of content and time of correspondence, therefore protecting you in case of a subsequent dispute about what was sent or when it was sent, and when it was received. It also generates a proof of service form in compliance with your specific jurisdiction (as applicable).

Lexop also offers live tracking of your recipient’s interactions with received emails. This means that you can be alerted as soon as your communication is transmitted, read, replied to, your attachment is downloaded or a requested document is uploaded.

It’s easy to setup and accessible from your laptop, tablet and smartphone so you can be the on-the-go lawyer you really want (and need) to be!

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