Smart & digital recovery for financial institutions and their customers

Today’s consumers are demanding more from their financial institutions. They want more than just products and services. They are looking for a personalized, secure and, above all, digital experience.


To encourage this new generation of customers to pay their outstanding balance, this same approach must be applied to collection activities. In addition to modernizing processes and tactics, using technology allows customers to maximize their convenience, empower them, and guide them through the payment process.


Whether you are a bank, an insurance company or other financial institution, Lexop helps you deliver a modern, personalized, and 100% digital collection experience.

Benefits to your company

Real-time, digital and trackable customer outreach

Higher payment recovery and customer retention at lower operational costs

Enhanced business intelligence through behavioral data and analytics

Benefits to your customers

Mobile-friendly and personalized communication adapted to today's modern habits

Self-serve payment portal accessible 24/7 with no login required

Flexible payment options and automated payment agreements