EVO Residences innovates with Lexop

By November 29, 2016All, News, Real Estate

EVO residences has recently joined Lexop pursuant to a membership which will allow the posh student housing facility to communicate official notices and documents with its student tenants. Lexop’s unique technology allows EVO to use email as a valid means of electronic notification. In short, Lexop’s Certified Email feature is an innovative way for landlords and property managers to send notices to their tenants without having to resort to registered mail (post office) or bailiffs.

There are about 3000 beds at the EVO on Robert-Bourrassa St. and on Sherbrooke St. combined. As such, using Lexop translates into remarkable savings in cost and time for every single communication with a tenant.

For more information regarding Lexop’s Certified Email feature: Click here
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For more information regarding EVO: http://www.evomontreal.com/

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