Outstanding Approach to Outstanding Accounts

Lexop is an enterprise software that helps companies adopt a simpler, more digital, and flexible approach to collections by leveraging technology that improves communication and the payment experience for past-due customers.

How it works?



Engage your customers via today’s preferred channels: email and SMS.



Direct your customers towards a self-serve payment portal which offers multiple payment options.



Continuously improve your recovery strategy with behavioral data insights.

Benefits to your company

Real-time, digital and trackable customer outreach

Higher payment recovery and customer retention at lower operational costs

Enhanced business intelligence through behavioral data and analytics

Benefits to your customers

Mobile-friendly and personalized communication adapted to today's modern habits

Self-serve payment portal accessible 24/7 with no login required

Flexible payment options and automated payment agreements

With Lexop, we've seen a 27% increase in self-cure rate in less than 6 months

Antoinette Noviello
Vice-President, Audit & Finance